Research for the Novice Investigator

Have you seen patterns in practice and wonder if you should write an article about it but don't know where to begin? Do you want to write research articles but don't want to commit to an expensive full time 2 year Honors and then Masters degree to know how to do it?

Research for the Novice Investigator bridges the gap between practitioner and researcher and provides a toe dip into a good summary of research with enough meat and potatoes to not only write an article, but to select a journal and submit it for publication.

This self-paced online course enables you to really raise your level of understanding of research with videos, audio and lots of interaction, giving you practical skills to put into practice straight away.

Complete all your formal hours of CPD in one go, and all for the cost of a weekend seminar.

Research for the Novice Investigator is made up of 6 modules developed by Naomi Knoublach a former lecturer in Research to health students at Flinders University in Adelaide and PhD candidate and Dr. Angela Todd's research assistant. These modules have been designed specifically for chiropractors who have little experience in research, and want to improve their skills in this area.

Todd Education has been generous enough to have $180.00 of your enrolment fee going directly to CCP's Research Fund

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